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Marine Casualties and Pollution:

Burning Ship PhotoWhen major marine casualties occur, it is essential to have responsive, expert maritime counsel at hand. Kaye, Rose & Partners, LLP has been involved in all types of major casualties, including collisions, fires, strandings, sinkings, personal injury/death, cargo loss, pollution, environmental contamination and limitation of liability matters. Our industry knowledge and experience in major casualties results in practical solutions and efficient use of resources.

Our coverage of the West Coast promotes prompt and comprehensive handling of all phases of marine disasters, including prevention, investigation and salvage, clean-up, expense auditing, mediation and litigation. We routinely interface with state, federal and foreign regulatory agencies. Several of our partners have substantial media training and often appear as industry spokespersons.

Recently, among other matters, we assisted vessel interests after a fire on board a major cruise ship in the Bahamas. We have represented leading shipowners and insurers in investigation and resolution of mass casualties involving tender accidents and medical evacuations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, a train derailment in Costa Rica, shipboard explosions, crane failures, industrial and environmental crises, and oil spills at sea, in inland waters and harbors. We have handled countless other large-exposure cases involving machinery malfunction and/or human error aboard ships worldwide.

Over the years, Kaye, Rose & Partners, LLP has developed an extensive technical and operational network of experts and consultants. We have handled several post-OPA spills representing vessel owners and P&I clubs through all stages of the occurrence. We are able to assist in the appointment of on-scene coordinators, clean-up contractors and technical surveyors. We provide cost containment supervision during the clean-up phase and have substantial experience negotiating settlements of third-party claims and defending civil and criminal fines. We have acquired a unique understanding of the role of attorneys in this complex arena, regularly reviewing and developing ISM manuals, oil-spill response and other disaster and contingency plans.

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